Job Stories

Job Stories

Flood Vents Installation, Nassau Bay, TX
This homeowner contacted us about Smart Vents installation because his insurance premium was going up by more than three times his current amount. Homeowners in designated flood zones can save on their premiums if the have approved engineered flood vents installed.  We installed a total of five Smart Vents through three layers of wall: brick, cinder block and interior drywall.   
SuperSump sump pump system, DryTak drainage channel in Lumberton, TX
A homeowner in Lumberton had a big problem on their hands with water entering their large crawl space from the side and back walls. The standing water led to a build up of unhealthy mold and mildew. The certified technicians at Olympic Restoration were able to help by installing the SuperSump sump pump system. This full-featured waterproofing system includes a liner, a floor drain, a high-quality cast iron sump pump, and the patented WaterWatch Alarm, which will provide much-needed peace of mind should water levels rise to a dangerous level. To ensure that the outside ground water doesn’t seep into the crawl space through the foundation joints, Olympic also installed DryTak drainage channels around the perimeter.
Huntsville, TX Mold Remediation
We were recommended by the mold inspector to perform a whole house mold remediation due to a tree limb damaging the roof and allowing rain to enter the house.  Water intrusion from poor exterior drainage was also an issue.  Homeowner lives in Austin and needed a company she could trust without her being on site.  We removed the damaged construction material, rebuilt several exterior walls, then HEPA vacuumed and wiped down the entire house with an antimicrobial solution.  In addition, we worked with Lacy Construction who designed and installed a French drain to make sure this doesn't happen again.
CleanSpace SmartSump pump, CleanSpace Encapsulation in Huntsville, TX
A customer in Huntsville has a lakeside home with an open, exposed crawl space. Over time, the consistent moisture from the lake air created a serious mold and mildew hazard both to the homeowners health and to the quality of the home. They hired the professional staff at Olympic Restoration to prevent further damage. Knowing that a home on a lake property will always have moisture to deal with, the Olympic team installed the SmartSump pump system and EZ Flow piping to capture any incoming water and direct it to the pump. Next they installed both the drainage matting and the super-durable CleanSpace encapsulation liner to permanently prevent moisture and pests from getting into the crawl space. The properly-sized humidifier will also keep outdoor moisture at a healthy and safe level underneath the home. And to provide the most peace of mind for the homeowners, two wireless sensors were installed, which will display temperature and humidity levels on a panel inside the home. 
Mold Remediation and Dehumidifier in La Porte, TX
Years of exposure to the humid conditions living near the Galveston Bay created a serious problem for homeowners in La Porte. Mold grew in the crawl space insulation causing the “Stack Effect,” where the warm air rises and spreads throughout the home. Visible mold slowly accumulated in several main rooms causing significant damage to the structure of the home and also potential health concerns for the family members. The expert mold remediation technicians at Olympic Restoration were hired and first ensured that the source of the mold was safely removed. So that the mold would not reappear, Olympic Restoration created much better conditions in the crawl space. A SmartSump system, which is specially designed for crawl spaces, was installed along with an energy-efficient dehumidifier, which will maintain ideal air conditions to deter future mold and mildew. 
Mold Remediation Houston, Texas
The lowest level of the home was flooded during an overnight heavy rain storm on May 25, 2015. The water receded once the storm had passed but the homeowner was out of town when the storm happened. Mold began to grow on the the walls. We were contacted after testing had been performed by an outside lab. Our firm contained the area and used air scrubbers to begin cleaning the air and making it ready to begin the mold remediation process. The home is now free from mold and is a healthy living environment.
Crawl Space Encapsulation, Crawl Space EverLast Door in Houston, TX
A customer in Houston, TX, had extremely high humidity levels in their crawl space, resulting in dangerous mold and mildew. The licensed mold remediation specialists of Olympic Restoration removed a ton of debris from the crawl space, including all of the outdated water piping.    Then they installed a SmartSump pump system and liner along with an airtight floor drain and WaterWatch alarm system to detect any future plumbing leaks or floods. With the crawl space encapsulation system, it went from dirty and moldy to becoming a clean and dry space where mold can’t grow. And to prevent any future critters or insects getting into the crawl space, Olympic Restoration also installed an EverLast door, which is a maintenance-free door with an airtight seal, which will never rot like wood doors.
Crawl Space Encapsulation, EverLast CrawlSpace Door Installed Houston, TX
Homeowners in Houston, TX, began noticing buckling in their hardwood floors. The licensed mold remediation technicians of Olympic Restoration were able to identify mold, mildew, and extensive wood rot due to prolonged exposure of outside elements from the vented crawl space. To make sure there would not be significant structural damage to the home, a crawl space encapsulation was installed along with an airtight and maintenance-free door. The EverLast door won’t crack or warp and could even be installed against the home’s wood framing.    Olympic Restoration’s friendly technicians ensured that the crawl space was now clean and dry where mold could not grown again. 
Crawl Space Encapsulation, Wireless Humidity Sensors in Houston, TX
The customer’s crawl space was full of debris and was retaining moisture, which leads to the build-up of unhealthy mold. The crawl space moisture control experts at Olympic Restoration removed all of the debris and then installed a CleanSpace encapsulation system to prevent dangerous mold and mildew. The technicians were also able to install a more efficient crawl space opening and installed wireless sensors, which provide temperature/humidity readings, but most importantly, provide peace of mind. 
Crawl Space Encapsulation, Home Renovation Crawl Space Cleaning in Houston, TX
Our customer in Houston purchased a home with an encapsulation system already installed. To ensure that a preferred humidity level was maintained, the professional team at Olympic Restoration installed four small blowers across the 4,000 square feet of crawl space. They also installed a device that would provide peace of mind for the homeowner by sending text alerts if the humidity levels became out of range. The customer became a repeat customer as they underwent major home renovations and noticed debris and dust from the construction falling into the crawl space on top of the encapsulation liner. To keep the crawl space as clean as possible and for the fans and humidifiers to work at full capacity, Olympic Restoration cleaned the fine dust, debris, and dirt from the crawl space liner. Their newly renovated home is now fully protected from mildew and mold damage in the crawl space. 
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